Academician Yan Sun, M.D. & Ph.D., Joins JCMT as Honorary Editor-in-Chief


Academician Yan Sun joins the Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (JCMT) as Honorary Editor-in-Chief on September 23, 2016. This again gives us a great impetus after Academician Dai-Ming Fan joined us.  

During the 19th Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, Ms. Yu introduced JCMT to Academician Yan Sun, including our team members, Editorial Board, and mission. Prof. Yan Sun praised our current achievements, and gave us some pertinent suggestions. Further, he believed that JCMT will be a top-tier journal in the field of cancer metastasis and treatment in the future. However, he also said that we had a long way to go. He was very glad to join JCMT as Honorary Editor-in-Chief. It was also our great honor to have him join our board.

Prof. Yan Sun is an academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy, and one of the founders of internal medicine treatment for tumors in China. Further, he is the honorary dean of Guangzhou Nan Yang Tumor Hospital, professor and doctoral tutor of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital, the director of the National Antitumor Drug Clinical Trial Research Center, vice President of China Cancer Research Foundation, vice President of Asia Clinical Oncology Society, committee of the International Union of Cancer (UICC) Academic Affairs, committee of the World Health Organization Cancer Expert Advisory, and the general counsel of Global Cancer Express.

Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment Print ISSN: 2394-4722; Online ISSN: 2454-2857
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