Topic: Circulating Tumor Cells: Diagnostics and Clinical Applications

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A special issue of Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment  (Print ISSN:2394-4722; Online ISSN:2454-2857).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 19 Dec 2016

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Guest Editor(s)

  • Pravin D. Potdar, PhD
    Professor, Head, Department of Molecular Medicine and Biology, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai 400026, India.

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Special Issue Introduction:

Major cause of relatively high mortality in cancer patients are due to the dissemination of tumor cells from primary tumor to distance organs which cannot be detected early by present imaging technology. However, one of the most promising development in cancer diagnosis & therapies is an introduction of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) as a minimally invasive technology for monitoring the therapies of metastatic cancers. CTCs are originating from shredding of solid tumor cells in blood circulation and represent the tumour counterpart in vivo. Enumeration and molecular profiling of these CTCs in peripheral blood of metastatic cancer patients allow clinicians to monitor intensity of metastasis cancer along with tumour cell phenotypes for using molecular targeted therapy for better cure. These liquid biopsies allow the characterization of specific biomarkers of CTCs in metastatic cancer patient more precisely than the old method of histopathology of biopsy specimen. Therefore this technology may revolutionize cancer detection and possible therapies for metastatic cancer in near future. However, it remains technically challenging because of very low concentration of CTCs in blood stream of cancer patients and there is a need for establishing well standardised protocol for enumeration of these CTCs according to their original phenotype. Molecular characterization of CTCs is one of the most active areas of translational cancer research and soon, CTCs characterization will contribute to have very specific targeted therapies for metastatic cancer patients and become the hallmark of Personalized Medicine. This special issue on “Circulating Tumor Cells: - Diagnostics & clinical application “ mainly discusses an important technical and theoretical aspects of CTCs technologies, including validation of enumeration of CTCs protocols and establishment of various biomarkers involved in cancer development by innovated molecular technologies. It also further evaluates an exact mechanism of metastasis process of various cancers for more specific treatment and cure of this disease.


Circulating tumor cells, molecular profiling, metastasis, biomarkers, cancer, liquid biopsy, peripheral blood cells

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  • A versatile method for enumeration and characterization of circulating tumor cells from patients with breast cancer

    Ujjwala M. Warawdekar , Vani Parmar , Aruna Prabhu , Abhay Kulkarni , Meenal Chaudhari , Rajendra A. Badwe
    Aim: To establish a standardized protocol for the isolation and enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from peripheral blood of patients with metastatic breast cancer. Methods: The protocol used tumor cells spiked in a lymphoid cell line with detection by flow cytometry and quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (QRT-PCR). Cells of the human mammary cancer subtypes... Read more
    J Cancer Metastasis Treat 2017;3:23-33. | doi:10.20517/2394-4722.2016.66
    Published on: 23 Feb 2017  | Viewed:7232  | Downloaded:185
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  • Profiling of circulating tumor cells in liquid biopsies from metastatic cancer patients

    Pravin D. Potdar , Keerti Sen
    Aim: Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are crucial to tumor metastasis and valuable for prediction of clinical outcome in patients with solid tumors. Here, the authors aimed to establish a method for enumeration and characterization of CTCs from liquid biopsies. Methods: Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were separated from blood samples from patients with metastatic cancer using... Read more
    J Cancer Metastasis Treat 2017;3:6-15. | doi:10.20517/2394-4722.2016.53
    Published on: 23 Jan 2017  | Viewed:3137  | Downloaded:242
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  • Lung cancer biopsy dislodges tumor cells into circulating blood

    Noriyoshi Sawabata , Tomotaka Kitamura , Yuko Nitta , Tomoyo Taketa , Takeshi Ohno , Tatsuya Fukumori , Takeru Hyakutake , Takahito Nakamura
    Aim: A “seed” of lung cancer metastasis is circulating tumor cells (CTCs), which may be dislodged from a tumor during biopsy. This possibility was assessed among patients who underwent lung tumor biopsy using flexible fiber-topic bronchoscopy (FFB). Methods: The study involved six patients with non-small cell lung cancer who underwent FFB biopsy to diagnose a lesion pathologically (5 males and... Read more
    J Cancer Metastasis Treat 2017;3:16-20. | doi:10.20517/2394-4722.2016.67
    Published on: 23 Jan 2017  | Viewed:2921  | Downloaded:251
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  • Circulating tumor cells: hope to diagnose and treat metastatic cancer

    Pravin D. Potdar
    J Cancer Metastasis Treat 2017;3:1-5. | doi:10.20517/2394-4722.2016.72
    Published on: 12 Jan 2017  | Viewed:2512  | Downloaded:181
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  • The significance and clinical utility of the detection of primary malignant circulating prostate cells: a review of the evidence

    Nigel P. Murray
    Primary malignant circulating prostate cells (CPCs) are those detected in blood before definitive treatment for prostate cancer. CPCs can be detected in men with benign prostate disease; however, some methods to distinguish between benign and malignant prostate cells have to be validated. This study presents a review of the subject, including theoretical considerations for the selection of... Read more
    J Cancer Metastasis Treat 2016;2:453-62. | doi:10.20517/2394-4722.2016.55
    Published on: 16 Dec 2016  | Viewed:1348  | Downloaded:152
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  • Insights into mechanisms of tumor dissemination from circulating tumor cell lines of small cell lung cancer

    Gerhard Hamilton , Barbara Rath
    Despite the fact that the majority of cancer patients succumb to metastatic disease, most aspects of tumor metastasis are not understood in detail at present. Cell biologic steps of dissemination are difficult to characterize in human tumors and research is in large part confined to cell line and experimental animal studies. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), intravasation of malignant... Read more
    J Cancer Metastasis Treat 2016;2:446-52. | doi:10.20517/2394-4722.2016.57
    Published on: 16 Dec 2016  | Viewed:16613  | Downloaded:276
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