Aims and Scope
JCMT publishes high-quality original articles,authoritative reviews, case reports, commentaries, research highlights, and letters to the editor.
The journal focuses on cancer metastasis and treatment, including the initiation, development, progression, metastasis, and treatment of neoplastic diseases. The coverage includes basic, translational and clinical studies related to cancer cell biology, genomics, precision medicine, medical oncology, radiation therapy and radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, hematology, neuro-oncology, etc. Articles in the following areas are especially welcome:
1. Basic research on cancer initiation and progression, focusing on molecular biology, cell biology, and genetics;
2. Mechanisms of metastasis and its prevention and control;
3. Basic and clinical research on cancer therapeutics, including primary and metastatic tumors;
4. Improved methods for medical; radiological; and/or surgical treatment of metastatic tumors (immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological therapy, operative treatment, interventional therapy, etc.).
5. Observational/epidemiological studies focused on environmental and behavioral factors that modify the risk of cancer progression and metastasis and gene/environment interactions;
6. Primary and secondary prevention studies.
Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment Print ISSN: 2394-4722; Online ISSN: 2454-2857
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