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Endocrine Oncology and Metabolism is an open-access, non-profit and peer-reviewed scientific journal. This journal presents the latest research findings in endocrine oncology, including tumors of hormone secreting glands, as well as neuroendocrine tumors. Endocrine Oncology and Metabolism also encompasses studies in obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


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The program follows the journey of cancer metastasis from detection at the molecular level to genomi

Time and Venue: October 25-27 2019, San Francisco, USA

About: With more detailed understanding of the genomic and molecular characteristics of cancer, we are closer towards the practice of precision medicine with tailored approaches to individual patient or groups of patients. It is our plan to address these issues in detail with the goal to bring basic scientists, oncologists, surgeons and radiologists from around the world together to allow cross-fertilization of ideas resulting in the translation of basic science into clinical application and challenging basic scientists with clinical issues. We hope that with advancements in cancer biology, treatment and care, caner survivors may live longer and enjoy an improved quality of life than before.


New strategies to prevent, diagnose and treat Cancer based on Precision Medicine

Time and Venue: September 23-25 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

About: This is the third of a series of International Conferences on Cancer organized by Colossal Facet under the Scientific supervision of Dr Ciro Isidoro.  The 1st Congress was held in Madrid (Spain) in May 3-5, 2017 and the 2nd Congress was held in Bologna (Italy) in July 23-25, 2018. The 4th World Congress on Cancer 2020 will be held in Oslo, Norway from June 15-17, 2020 (website ( 
The theme of the Conference Cancer-2019 is "New strategies to prevent, diagnose and treat Cancer based on Precision Medicine”. 
This Conference will focus on the biomolecular mechanisms of cancer development, on the cancer patient’s metabolic alterations, and on the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.  Major topics include: Pathogenetic mechanisms (oncogenes, oncosuppressors, DNA repair, cancer stem cells, epigenetics, inflammation, immune responses); Metabolism (Nutrition, Fasting, Obesity) and Cancer; Novel strategies for Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy (imaging, Phytochemicals, nanotheranostics)
We will gather academicians and young inspired scientists from all around the world with the aim to strengthen the international cooperation in the fight against Cancer. One other major goal of this Conference is, in fact, to create an atmosphere of interactions between young and senior scientists to favor novel cooperation that shall bring to new and more efficacious strategies to understand and fight cancer. 
Young investigators will have the opportunity to deliver a short/flash oral communication to be selected from the poster abstract.
Special Award (Diploma plus a waived registration fee for the next Conference) for 3 best short and 3 best flash Communication (selected from Poster abstract) for young presenters (< 35 years old). We hope that you will join the Conference to take advantages of the presence of internationally renowned Scholars to exchange ideas and to merge the different expertise into successful collaborations.
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