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Academician Dai-Ming Fan, M.D. & Ph.D., Joins JCMT as Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Published on: 14 Dec 2016 Viewed: 2763

This meeting was held on September 12, 2016. Prof. Dai-Ming Fan discussed every part and provided insightful suggestions as well as gave a great vision that Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (JCMT) could have a great opportunity to provide an excellent platform for academic and scientific exchange in this field of research. He also mentioned that he would contribute his efforts to calling for cancer researchers worldwide to promote JCMT. Director Mr. Fan, the publication manager of OAE Publishing Inc. Ms. Yu and Managing Editor Ms. Huang as well as other team members attended this meeting.


Prof. Dai-Ming Fan spoke highly of the achievements of JCMT since its launch in 2015. With the knowledge that JCMT has thus far published high-quality articles, Prof. Dai-Ming Fan expressed great expectations on the journal in the future. Hence, he joined our team as Honorary Editor-in-Chief with a strong interest. Further, he totally believes that JCMT will be a great influential journal in the foreseeable future.

Prof. Dai-Ming Fan is a foreign academician in the American National Academy of Medicine. He is also the academician and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of the Fourth Military Medical University, chief physician, a gastroenterology expert in China, director of the State Key Laboratory of Tumor Biology. Prof. Dai-Ming Fan has long been engaged in both the clinical and basic research of digestive diseases and malignant tumors, undertaking several groups assigned by the Natural Science Foundation of China.

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