Inherit the Past and Usher the Future, the March Forward of JCMT

Published on: 14 Dec 2016 Viewed: 1485

The 19th National Clinical Oncology Congress & Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) was held from September 21–25, 2016, in Xiamen, China. The editorial team (Ling Huang and A-ni Yuan) of the Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (JCMT) and Dan-dan Yu, the publication manager of OAE Publishing Inc., took part in the conference. Scholars from Chinese clinical and scientific cancer research got together and participated in deep discussions and communications on the trends and development of cancer treatment in China. This meeting took on the theme of "Fine Management, Precision Heal," and held a series of special academic forums on cancers of the lung, breast, liver, pancreas, esophagus, prostate, kidney, and bladder; and other gastric and gastrointestinal, colorectal, hematological, gynecological, head and neck, and neuroendocrine cancers; malignant lymphomas; melanoma; pain and palliative care; radiotherapy; thrombocytopenia; and cancer drug clinical research. Experts and scholars at home and abroad have presented high-quality progress reports and academic lectures. Similar to the innovative treatment that attracted extensive attention in recent years, tumor immunotherapy became the focus of this CSCO meeting.


Professor Yan Sun and Ling Huang

Editors listened to wonderful speeches of participating experts on the 21st (Day 1), getting to know about new ideas and new dynamics in field of clinical oncology. During this meeting, the editors visited one of the founders of internal medicine treatment for tumors in China academician Yan Sun and discussed the development of internal medicine treatment for tumors in China and the progress and results in recent years. Prof. Yan Sun encouraged us to keep going, follow the international frontier, and promote China's cancer research to the world based on solid foundation of domestic tumor research. After listening to our report and reading the sample issue carefully, Prof. Yan Sun spoke highly of our work. He said that JCMT still has a long way to go and needs to take opportunities firmly. He also expressed confidence in the future of JCMT. Under the eager and sincere invitation of editors, Prof. Yan Sun agreed to be the honorary editor of JCMT with pleasure.

He was willing to make his own contribution to the development of JCMT and promote the development of tumor research. Professor Andrei Shustov also gave special recognition to our promotion of JCMT in the international conference. We actively communicated with domestic and foreign experts, asked them their progress and status in the field of cancer research. At the same time, we also introduced JCMT to experts, who affirmed the development of JCMT and gave pertinent opinions and suggestions.

This conference gave us the opportunity to get in touch with prestigious senior researchers in the field of cancer research. We widened views, updated scientific theory system, and were deeply moved by academic spirit. Special mention to Prof. Yan Sun, who is already 87 years old and still dedicates himself to the field of cancer research. With a strong and heartfelt sense of responsibility, we aim to establish a high-quality journal and be responsible for publishing high-quality scientific studies, work with and appreciate peer reviewers who give their valuable time and energy, work with specialists who have great expectations from us, and help publish academic research results on various tumor aspects.