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First JCMT Editorial Board Meeting Held in New Orleans, 2016

Published on: 25 Apr 2016 Viewed: 2817

In co-incidence with the AACR Annual Meeting 2016, Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (JCMT) held its very first Editorial Board meeting on April 16, 2016 at the RUTH'S CHRIS restaurant located at 525 Fulton St, New Orleans, Louisiaa, USA.  The attendees included JCMT Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lucio Miele, Professor and Department Head, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, JCMT Managing Editor Ms. Dan-Dan Yu and OAE Publishing Inc. Director Mr. Min Fan and about 17 members of JCMT Editorial Board.  The event began sharply by 7 PM with a brief welcome address by Dr. Lucio Miele. He also gave an introduction of the aims and scope and the one-year progress of JCMT. Dr. Lucio Miele briefed the attendees that JCMT had published nearly 50 out-standing high-quality manuscripts since its inception about a year ago covering a broader aspect of cancer biology including basic and clinical studies and a special issue on recent advances in research and treatment for GI malignancies. He told the members that the current reviewers' refusal rate of JCMT is about 31%. The associate editors promised Editor-in-Chief and the management that hitherto they will reach out a minimum of 10 reviewers for each manuscript for peer review and send more e-mail reminders more often reminding the due-date. He also thanked profusely the Director, managing editor, associate editors, reviewers, and the editorial staff for their valuable contribution towards the success of JCMT in a short span of almost a year. 


During the course of the mouthwatering dinner, Dr. Lucio Miele solicited suggestions and ideas from the members on how to 1) increase the number of high-quality published articles per JCMT issue; 2) increase the visibility of JCMT to our reach community around the globe; 3) attract out-standing high-quality manuscripts for publication consideration in JCMT; 4) take JCMT to the next level and finally what it takes to promote JCMT in PubMed, Medline or SCI. A number of suggestions were received from our enthusiasm members. They included 1) advertising JCMT more in high quality social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; 2) Associate Editors and members of the Editorial Board agreed to reach out more to their colleagues and recommend JCMT as a journal of their choice for publication of their research work; 3) Dr. Lucio Miele suggested that Associate Editors and members of the Editorial Board should bring out more special issues of their expertise to enhance the visibility and credibility of JCMT among the research community around the globe. After a sumptuous dinner and a very productive and useful deliberation, the meeting ad-journed with a vote of thanks from Ms. Dan-Dan Yu and Mr. Min Fan. The members thanked both for the CHINA SHADOW gift they received at the conclusion of the meeting.

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