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Acknowledgement to reviewers of Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment in 2019

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    The editors of the Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment (JCMT) would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere gratitude to the reviewers and guest editors for assessing manuscripts in 2019 [Table 1].

    Table 1

    Names of reviewers and guest editors

    Albig, AllanGewirtz, David A.Liu, ShanrongSiravegna, Giulia
    Anders, CareyGollahon, Lauren S.Liu, TingjiaoSkvortsova, Ira-Ida
    Anfossi, SimoneGoossens, StevenLu, RenquanSocha, Joanna
    Arendt, Lisa M.Grivicich, IvanaLuwor, Rodney BrianSossey-Alaoui, Khalid
    Argyle, DavidGunjan, AkashLyons, TraciSotelo, Julio
    Azab, KareemGuo, PeixuanMarino, MariaSriuranpong, Virote
    Bai, MingfengHamilton, GerhardMartínez-Ordóñez, AnxoSuami, Hiroo
    Baxevanis, Constantin N.Holland, JohnMorgan, MariaSwamynathan, Shivalingappa K.
    Bazin, Dominique C.Howe, PhilipMorgese, FrancescaSzabo, Eva
    Berardi, RossanaHudson, BarryMrugala, MaciejSzewczuk, Myron R.
    Bhatt, AashishHuo, DezhengNagaraju, Ganji PurnachandraTeixeira, Ana
    Bhavsar, Amit P.Huycke, MarkNakao, MitsuyukiTham, Tristan
    Bischetti, SimoneIorio, EgidiNawrocki, SergiuszThomas, Clement
    Bonetto, AndreaIsidoro, CiroOkami, KenjiThomson, Timothy M.
    Bown, Stephen G.Jaggi, MeenaOkines, Alicia F.C.Tomasetti, Marco
    Brodsky, LeonidJohnson, Daniel E.Osella-Abate, SimonaTorniai, Mariangela
    Brooks, George A.Johnson, Rachelle W.Pajtler, KristianTuccari, Giovanni
    Burnstein, Kerry L.Jolly, Mohit KumarPark, JonghoonTurner, Nigel
    Chang, Kwang-YuKaramouzis, MichalisPazienza, ValerioVaidya, Shantashri
    Chen, DongquanKarsdal, MortenPéchoux, Cécilevan den Berg, Anke
    Chen, Pai-ShengKato, YasumasaPenna, Fabiovan Norren, Klaske
    Cheung, Chun Hei AntonioKe, ZunfuPeters, Godefridus J.Varadan, Vinay
    Chowdhury, ImranKeshamouni, VenkatPisanu, Maria ElenaVetto, John T.
    Christophi, ChristopherKim, Chae-YongPorter, WestonVideira, Paula
    de Amorim, MariaGalliKimple, RandallPotdar, Pravin D.Wagner, Kay-Uwe
    De Wagter, CarlosKniss, D. A.Prosperi, Jenifer R.Wang, Bingcheng
    Demonacos, ConstantinosKovacevic, ZaklinaRaffa, VittoriaWasilewska-Tesluk, Ewa
    Deppert, WolfgangKratochwil, ClemensRalph, StephenWei, Dao-yan
    Dittmer, JürgenKwok, Hang FaiReagan, MichaelaWendt, MIchael
    Djamgoz, Mustafa B.A.Lam, Eric W.-F.Ricciardelli, CarmelaWerner-Wasik, Maria
    Dorfman, RuslanLannin, DonaldRicher, JenniferWrona, Anna
    Fang, BingliangLappano, RosamariaSacco, AntonioWu, Yadi
    Fedele, MonicaLee, ChoonikSaha, AchintoWürth, Roberto
    Ferrari, PaolaLee, MinhyungSankhwar, Satya NarayanXavier, Jennifer
    Frassanito, Maria AntoniaLeichtle, Alexander BenediktSchiemann, WilliamXi, Yaguang
    Fujino, HiromichiLemos, Henriquede PaulaSchneider, Sallie S.Xu, Chuanshan
    Gaidano, GianlucaLi, ZhaoyuSchuller, HildegardXu, Ren
    Gambari, RobertoLiao, Shuen-KueiShin, Vivian YvonneYang, Shihan
    Gao, AlanLin, HongyuShivapurkar, NarayanYang, Yong
    Gao, YenanLiu, HuiyuSiddiqui, Rafat A.Yazdanparast, Razieh

    The listed reviewers have our sincere gratitude. They can also get their Reviewer Recognition Certificates by building their peer review profiles on Publons (

    If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for JCMT, you are welcome to apply at


    Authors’ contributions

    Writing and revision of the article and approved the final version: Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment Editorial Office.

    Availability of data and materials

    Not applicable.

    Financial support and sponsorship


    Conflicts of interest

    All authors declared that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Ethical approval and consent to participate

    Not applicable.

    Consent for publication

    Not applicable.


    © The Author(s) 2020.

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