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Topic: Papers from the 6th Cancer World Congress 2022

A special issue of Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment

ISSN 2454-2857 (Online), ISSN 2394-4722 (Print)

Submission deadline: 31 May 2023

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Dr. Ciro Isidoro

    Full Professor of General Pathology, Immunology, and Experimental Oncology, School of Medicine. Laboratory of Molecular Pathology, Department of Health Sciences, Università del Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.

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Special Issue Introduction

This Special Issue of Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment is dedicated to the proceedings of the 6th Cancer World Congress 2022 going to be held in Lisbon (Portugal) in September 28-30 (

The theme of the Cancer World Congress -2022 is "Personalized Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy”. The Conference will focus on the biomolecular mechanisms of cancer development, on the altered energetic metabolism in cancer cells, on the cancer patient’s metabolic alterations, and on the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Major topics include but are not limited to: Cancer Biology, Cancer Cell and Model Systems, Tumor microenvironment, Microbiota and Probiotics in Cancer, Cancer Immunology, Molecular Epidemiology, Imaging and Diagnosis in Cancer, Cancer Biomarkers, Cancer Therapy, Prevention and Palliative care in Cancer, Complementary and adjuvant Cancer Treatments.

This is the sixth conference of a series that started in 2017, from 2018 under my scientific coordination. In occasion of the 3rd Congress in Prague we started the media partnership with the Journal of Cancer and Metastasis Treatment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to skip the fourth conference (scheduled in Oslo) and the fifth conference was done as online. We are eager to attend this conference in person in Lisbon, at Radisson Blu Hotel. The Organizing Scientific Committee is formed by renowned scientists in the field who will deliver a keynote Speech. In addition, we will have Invited Lectures and Oral Communications and Poster presentation from registered attendees from all over the World. The honorary lectures will be delivered by Jacques Pouyssegur (University of Nice, France) and by Bonnie F Sloane (Wayne State University, Detroit, US). The conference will gather academicians and young inspired scientists from all around the world with the aim to strengthen the international cooperation in the fight against Cancer.

This Special Issue shall collect the contribution in the form of original research paper or of review article from all the participants at the Conference.


Autophagy, Biomarkers, Cachexia, Cancer metabolism, Cancer therapy, cell death, chemotherapy, Epigenetics, tumor microenvironment, Metastasis, precision medicine, nutraceuticals, probiotics, radiotherapy

Submission Deadline

31 May 2023

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