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Submission deadline: 31 Jul 2018

Guest Editor(s)

  • Partha S. Ray, MD
    Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Onconostic Technologies, Inc., Champaign, IL, USA.
    Professor and Head, Surgical Oncology, HCG Oncology, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

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Special Issue Introduction

Despite remarkable advances in the diagnosis and treatment of beast cancer over the past several decades, it remains one of the leading causes of cancer related death in women, primarily due to our inability to impact metastatic breast cancer. In this Special Issue of the Journal, we seek to highlight our current understanding of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying breast cancer metastasis and possible ways to exploit this information for therapeutic benefit. Through such efforts we seek to hasten exciting new approaches in the clinic to better combat this problem and reduce breast cancer related morbidity and mortality. We would like to invite you to submit articles pertinent to this theme for publication in this Special Issue and sincerely hope that you and your research group will find time in your busy schedule to contribute to this endeavor and help inspire the scientific community to seek and refine novel treatment strategies that target metastatic breast cancer.


Breast cancer, metastasis, metastatic niche, EMT, cancer stem cell, signaling pathway, targeted therapy, personalized therapy

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31 Jul 2018

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Submission Deadline: 31 Jul 2018
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